Unique Handmade Animal Sculptures

I work with scrap metal, electronic scrap,

plastic waste, metal wire, clay and color.

In my sculptures I play with contrasts between new material and old scrap, nature and imagination, color and patina.

Scrap is tied together with metal wire. Clay is worked into the metal and different animals emerge.

I work a lot with details and most sculptures are painted so that even the clay looks to be made of metal.

Often the animals are in motion and perform activities of various kinds: a snail eats mushrooms, a squirrel dances, a bear plays, out of an old mocha pot a pig looks up.

I want my characters to show movement, originality and personality - and have a great amount of inherent humor.

Click on a picture to view additional images of the sculpture.

Sea life:

Water and sea dwelling creatures of all kind.

Land life:

Land dwelling creatures of all kind.

Aerial life:

Birds and other flyers of all kind.