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Scraps and color

Technicolor Snails

Where contrast happens

Welcome to a creative space where old discarded materials like scrap metal and trash meet modern elements like polymer clay to create interesting contrasts.

My artistic vision

My art is a fusion of the industrial and the natural. I use materials that reflect our modern, industrialized world—like scrap metal and electronic waste—while drawing inspiration from nature to create my pieces. The result is a unique blend of contemporary materials and timeless themes

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Dive deeper into my portfolio to see most of my sculptures, or visit "The Feed" for a unique blend of creativity and inspiration.

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What's new

Here are my four latest works for you to see. They give a quick overview of what I've been working on recently.

Introduction 2023

A group exhibition with 12 other artists at Galleri Scandinavia.

Berzeliigatan 14 Göteborg, 2023-11-24 to 2023-12-03.

Galleri Scandinavia
Flower for you
Kristian Saapnuki